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How to Install SickBeard in XBMCbuntu and Ubuntu

This guide will show you how to install Sickbeard in XBMCbuntu. It doesn’t go in depth how to configure it once installed. It will basically get you to the web interface.

In my tutorial I have assumed the following :-

IP :
Username : xbmc
Password : xbmc

First of all we need to download the latest version of SickBeard on your PC / Mac. The very latest version can be downloaded by clicking on the link below :


Keep this download safe we will need it shortly

I am going to install SickBeard to my users home directory. So we need to make sure were in it first and change directory to it if were not

cd ~

Then were going to make the sickbeard folder. I put a dot before the folder name to make it hidden.

mkdir .sickbeard

Extract the earlier tar file you downloaded. Copy the contents to the newly created .sickbeard folder. I use WINSCP to do this. How to do this falls outside this tutorial. If anyone knows a way to grab the master directly from ubuntu please let me know in the comments.

So should now have the folder .sickbeard and in it loads of files and folders like the file init.ubuntu.

Now we need to go into the SickBeard folder.

cd .sickbeard
cd autoProcessTV

We now need to rename the autoproccesstv file from a sample to a usable file.

mv autoProcessTV.cfg.sample autoProcessTV.cfg

If the .sample file wasn’t found it might already be renamed. Crack on.

Now we have the auto process scripts we can add this path to the processing scripts section of SABNZBD.

Log in to SABNZBD

Click Config

Goto the Folders Section

Change Post Processing Scripts to your home path and then add .sickbeard/autoProcessTV onto the end as shown below


Click Save.

Now go into Categories and Create a new one with the following details :

Category : tv
Priority : Default
Processing : +delete
Script : sabtoSickBeard.py

Be sure to Click add at the end of the row.

Thats the install of SickBeard done but now we need to make it startup when your media server starts up.

Download a copy of the file below


Upload the sick beard script to /home/xbmc/ Again I use WINSCP to carry this out.

On your media server we now need to change to your home directory so we can move the file into the init folder.

cd ~

Then lets move the file into the correct place.

sudo mv sickbeard /etc/init.d/

Now we need to edit the file with your username if you dont use xbmc as your user. Also we need to configure our IP and port.

sudo nano /etc/init.d/sickbeard

Change user to xbmc.

Change IP to and port to 8081.

This should look like below.

Now Press CTRL + X to exit.

Y to save when prompted.

Enter to overwrite the existing file.

Now we need to make it launchable.

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/sickbeard

Then lets add it to the startup.

sudo update-rc.d sickbeard defaults

Now reboot.

sudo reboot

You should now be able to access SickBeard on http://IP:8081

In my example this would be