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How to find out who has a particular email address in Microsoft Exchange 2003

Sometimes people in Active Directory have extra email addresses associated with them. This makes identifying who has certain addresses very time consuming.

An example of this might be someone that has the email address [email protected] you then go to create a mailbox with that alias and you get the following message come up :

This email address aready exists in this organization

In order to find out who has this address you can do the following :-

1) Open up Active Directory Users and Computers.
2) Right Click on the domain.
3) Left Click Find….
4) In the Find drop down box select “Custom Search”
5) Then Click on the Advanced tab.
6) Then in order to find [email protected] you would type in the command below

(proxyAddresses=smtp:[email protected])

7) Then click Find now.

Your name will be displayed in the results screen.

You can also use wildstars such as info* or i* to display more results.