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DLP Policy Stuck Deleting in Security and Compliance in Office 365

Had an issue today where I deleted a few DLP policies from the Security and Compliance Centre in Office 365. Upon deletion, they went into to a deleting state, but never left this state. I left them for hours.

In the end I had to connect via PowerShell and force removal of them. To connect via PowerShell to the Security and Compliance Centre see one of my earlier guides below:

Connect to Security and Compliance via PowerShell

Then get a list of the existing DLP Policies.


I then ran the commands below to delete them all.

Remove-DlpCompliancePolicy "Dale Credit Card" -ForceDeletion
Remove-DlpCompliancePolicy "U.K. Financial Data Included" -ForceDeletion
Remove-DlpCompliancePolicy "Credit Card Numbers" -ForceDeletion

Job Done 🙂