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Mailbox Move from Exchange 2003 to 2010. Mailbox now missing from 2003 and Disconnected in 2010

We were in the process of moving mailboxes from an Exchange 2003 server to 2010. All of a sudden a move request failed.

On looking at the 2003 Exchange server the mailbox was not there. On the 2010 EMC there was a mailbox with the right name but it was showing as being on the old server.

Also in the 2010 EMC console there was a disconnected mailbox with the right name.

To fix the issue the following was carried out :

1) On the 2003 Mailbox Store do a mailbox cleanup a couple of times.
2) Open a EM Shell and do


I used the Database name from the disconnected mailbox.
3) After a while the live mailbox in mailboxes was showing the exchange 2010 server.
4) Do a local move request back to the Exchange 2003 server. This fails straight away.
5) Then run the command


(Same as database in 2)
6) This might take a while to run (Mine took 45 mins to complete)
7) Close EMC (Refreshing didn’t seem to update view)
8) Re-open EMC

Job done