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UPS not detected by HP Power Manager in Server 2008 R2

I had an issue today where I couldn’t detect a HP R3000 UPS connected to a HP server serial port.

We tested it with 2 UPS’s, 2 different serial cables but still no joy. The HP Power manager software just kept saying it couldn’t detect a UPS and a red cross appeared.

In the end we discovered that the ILO was to blame.

To fix it, we connected to the ILO website and chose the administration tab.

Under the menu to the left, select settings and Access and then the options tab.

At the dropdown list for “serial command Line Interface Status” chose disabled and apply.

The ILO card needs to be restarted for changes to take effect. In order to restart it just go into network settings and change from DHCP to manual and back again and click apply.

Source : Kolltveit