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Reset a Forgotten Blackberry Administration Service password

Download SQL Management Studio Express

Run the following query against BESmgmt and the table dbo.BASUsers

This will create you a user called admin with a password of blackberry.

    @DisplayName              VARCHAR(256),
    @Authentication           VARCHAR(256),
    @AuthenticatorTypeId      INT,
    @AuthenticatorInstanceId  INT,
    @ExternalAuthenticatorId  VARCHAR(255),
    @EncryptedPassword        VARCHAR(256)
Start of editing required section

SET @DisplayName =         'System Administrator'            -- Display name (Not always used)
SET @Authentication =         'BAS'                    -- 'BAS' for BAS authentication
SET @EncryptedPassword =    '2951a982f568f15567b7c6e0e50990b9'     -- Encrypted string of password 'blackberry'

End of editing required section

IF @Authentication LIKE 'BAS'
    SET @AuthenticatorTypeId =    0                -- Set to 0 for BAS
    SET @AuthenticatorInstanceId =     0                -- Set to 0 for BAS
    SET @ExternalAuthenticatorId = NULL
    EXEC SetUpBASorADAuthentication @DisplayName, @AuthenticatorTypeId, @AuthenticatorInstanceId, @ExternalAuthenticatorId, @EncryptedPassword

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