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Tycoon on ITV with Peter Jones

Tycoon on ITV was crap last night. I took precious time out of my mapping schedule to watch it. I thought it might be good as I previously liked Peter Jones from the Dragons den. I wish I hadn’t bothered now. The program is crap. I certainly wont be watching it again. The program had no good content. It didn’t show you how or who people sold their things to. Also I got fed up with Peter Jones being filmed saying “I am risking my money!!!”.


Another thing that annoyed me was that Peter was so god damn lazy. He rang people from outside the office and told them to come outside!!! WHY????? Go inside yourself.

The show blatently copies some things of “The Apprentice”. Such as Peter driving around in his car. Even using the same camera angles. In the car scenes, Peter was not even wearing a seatbelt. Surely he should be fined for this.

Then there was the shots of London from above. Again, same as the Apprentice.

Anyway enough bitching about that. Just will spend that slot mapping in future.