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Cex.co.uk, What a load of rubbish!!!

Cex.co.uk are basically a CRAP online retailer that sells new/2nd hand electronic kit. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

A friend of mine recommended them after he bought a 2nd hand xbox from them. My purchase from them was far from smooth.

I purchased an official XBOX VGA cable from their online store. 24 Hours later I had still received nothing from them with regards to my order. Not even an email saying “Order Received”. So I decided to pick up the phone and ring them on 0845 345 1664. Spoke to some bloke who put me on hold and then went off for ages. He eventually came back and said that my order had been cancelled as they couldn’t find the stock in the store. NICE!!!!


So I thought that was it. You can imagine my amazement when a day later I received an email saying that my order has been dispatched. This was on the 22nd of May. A few days later the goods had still not arrived. So I rung them again. I was told on the phone that the goods were definately dispatched on the 22nd. So I waited a few more days.

Eventually on the 29th May I received my cable. Now 2 things annoyed me when the item finally arrived.

1) Postmark was for the 26th May (So was never posted on the 22nd May)
2) The goods were not even the right one!!! (It was a XBOX 360 Scart cable not VGA!!!)

So again I got on the blower. Told them I just want a refund!!! He said post the goods back and we will do it. So I posted em back and got a full refund. They didn’t even refund me any of my postage. Bastards!!!

Anyway, my advice is stay well clear.