I am Dale Hayter, a Microsoft and VMware certified Technical Consultant.

My blog has been built up over the years from my experience of working on an IT helpdesk and also from being out on-site.

Script to Delete All Subfolders

Was looking for a script to go into a specific folder and delete all folders but leave the files in the root folder. This is…

Wimborne Bridge

Wimborne Bridge, originally uploaded by Dale Hayter. Went out this evening to Wimborne to try and get some sunset shots. Couldn’t find anywhere and was…

Holes Bay at Sunset

Holes Bay at Sunset, originally uploaded by Dale Hayter. This is a photo from last year. Thought I would revisit it and process it again….

Seaweed at Osmington Mills

Osmington Seaweed At Sunrise, originally uploaded by Dale Hayter. Thought I would post a picture from a few weeks back when I visited Osmington Mills…